Artful Home - Artist Center
100+ redesigned screens for the upcoming major redesign of the Artist Center, an artist management tool to upload artwork for jury.
User Experience, User Interface
Artful Home - CMS Enhancements
A data-driven, major redesign for content management templates and user interaction between handheld devices and overall web experience.
User Experience, User Interface
Artful Home - Narrowed Results
An e-commerce redesign and configuration of left navigation systems to aid customer experience for shopping with narrowed results.
User Experience, User Interface
Artful Home - Basket Checkout
A redesign for the web, transactional basket, user experience with a series of triggered emails with dynamic content.
User Experience, User Interface
Art For Charity
A series of print illustrations inspired by local landmarks, created to raise funds for charities in Madison, Wisconsin.
A collection of logos from post-graduate, freelance, personal and event branding.
Branding, Illustration
Human Rights Campaign
A summary of my experiences as a Consumer Marketing Intern at the nation's largest LGBT Organization.
Branding, E-Commerce
University of Wisconsin-Madison
A visual report of data highlighting student programs and representing the Play Hard. Get Fit. Live Well. mantra.
Art Direction
South Texas Promotores Association
A collection of collateral branding material for a non-profit organization in the Rio Grande Valley that enhances the development and wellbeing of the community.
University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley
A collection of campaigns geared towards branding recreational programs with the transition to University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley.
Branding, Illustration
University of Texas-Pan American
A collection of materials created for student development at the University of Texas-Pan American. As a graphic designer, I primarily worked with student organizations to create materials to promote their clubs.
Photography, Illustration
Undergraduate Coursework
Personal favorite projects completed during undergraduate studies at University of Texas-Pan American.
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Illustration
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