I’ve always had a hard time establishing roots in new places. I’ve grown with the idea of never getting too comfortable to the point where I can’t imagine myself without a certain something.

Maybe it’s because of the family member that can’t be alone, the father with his addiction or the friend that feels that they need it all. I’ve always been one that focuses on the power of self when it comes to personal growth. Many times, I dislike not being able to do something because of limitations. I firmly believe that one of the greatest things that one can achieve in life is to be dependent of self and to take ownership of self. While it’s important to have the support of many, sometimes time by yourself is just as beautiful and productive as having a conversation with a group. You come to learn so much about yourself when you reflect all that you are. You come to realize that you are capable of separating from all tangible things and not feel entirely dysfunctional. It’s so easy to become attached with technology and individuals. I think the true challenge is to be able to live alone. Why is it that so many know so little about others when we share characteristics that ultimately group us together in a thing called existence? Why do we build walls? So that we can have an internal looking glass and to protect all those we can hurt? As Will Bowen says, “Hurt people hurt people.” We say and do things that hurt others as a result of our own inner strife and pain. It’s so common to enter a pseudo mode when all you have to live for are destinations that gear you into autopilot. Everything between here and there, now and later is part of what makes today, tomorrow. Why do we rely on tangible things when opportunities to experience more are infinite verses constant? Why do we feel the need to settle when so much more can be experienced? Is it comfort? Is comfort bad? Is it good? What lies in the mist that blurs our vision? Is it human curiosity to want to know more? What are these thoughts I am experiencing on route of transition? Will I accept what is present or will I gamble and make my greatest mistake?