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How might we brand and design collateral promotional materials for a non-profit organization for a Bachelor of Fine Arts Senior Exhibit?

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Senior BFA Exhibit

Designers were paired in seven teams, responsible for creating a campaign consisting of twelve to fifteen pieces.

South Texas Promotores Association  (STPAY) is a Non-Profit organization founded in 2008 to help support colonias, rural communities with navigating citizenship, welfare eligibility and enrichment development programs.

Edna and I were tasked to brand the organization and create collateral promotional stationary items.

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South Texas Promotores Association

The Rio Grande Valley is not only known for attracting an abundant amount of butterflies, but also for having one of the greatest bird migrations in the nation. Out of nearly 400 bird species that migrate to the Valley, the Buff-Bellied Hummingbird stands out as a symbol.

They are so small, yet beautiful and prideful. They are something that is so delicate, yet require trust and respect to work with. In reference to STPA, often there are pillars, which can hinder the journey of a hummingbird. They have to persevere and find a new route as a navigator in order to celebrate the abundance of life and its opportunities.



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