Kent State University • UXD M.S.

Principles & Concepts​

Week 1

The timing of starting this course could not be more impeccable. Truth is, I have been feeling pressured to declare which UXD specialty I want to pursue.

Week 2

Last week felt like a small climb on a roller coaster that internally, I realized would have a large drop and gain momentum instantaneously.

Week 3

As a designer, it is my responsibility to emphasize with users and while I am also able to understand technology capacity driven by hard deadlines and shortage of resources, short temporary solutions can only go so far before the dam overflows!

Week 4

Defining flows is the epitomize to why it is that I enjoy technology and interaction models in general. This has been a reflection of my growth as a designer seeking to understand hardware and software to develop designs.

Week 5

I’m back at week one which focused more on motivation and applying design thinking. I am reminded everyday in passing that there are still a blend of generations incorporating use of modern and traditional formats to achieve a task.

Week 6

Typography has always been a topic of interest for me. Especially, when presented with a challenge of fitting approved content into a design that exceeds placeholder.

Week 7

Developing user personas has been a continuous battle to advocate for. It seems that it’s not until experiences outperform or underperform expectations that investigating becomes a focus.